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Cultivation method


Primo Mattino adopts farming methods that preserve the quality of vegetables in respect of man and environment. Each stage of production, from research of suitable land to the selection of the seeds, prevention and maintenance of the vegetables, is the result of a constant work in all parts of the chain always in favor of a more healthy and safe nutrition.



The integrated pest management for sustainable farming


La difesa integrata usa anche armi "non convenzionali"

The definition of sustainable agriculture (also called eco-friendly and integrated) is realized in the management of crops using natural processes as much as possible, thus reducing the environmental impact due to the use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, hormones) and intensive processing of the soil. Primo Mattino commitment is to improve with experience, continuous research and assistance of specialized technicians the product quality and the most comprehensive environment. Careful analysis of the soil allows to perform only the required fertilizers, resulting an healthier crop more resistant to disease. The rotation of the land also protects crops reducing the development of pests and pathogens; with a strictly controlled and minimized use of phytosanitary we are able to respect the biodiversity of the earth.