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Quality Control

The quality control of PrimoMattino operates every day within the parameters of European marketing standards and controls all phases of production and distribution in order to ensure an hygienic quality of the products that exclude the presence of pollution, physical, chemical and microbiological contamination.

The procedures also provide:

• Visual sensorial control (appearance, color, smell, taste ...)
• chemical control (indicators of acidity, moisture, antimicrobial substances, atmospheric composition, residues of pesticides, control of washing water, etc.)
• microbiological control
• transfer in the areas of acceptance and weighting
• storage areas for loading and unloading of the products offered
• processing in appropriate rooms
• packing in processing rooms
• refrigerated transport from warehouses to customers

For this reason the products and PrimoMattino and Ortofino are always in line with the requests of the modern distribution and consumer needs.