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From seed to consumer

Rabbit La Supply chain produttiva in azione

PrimoMattino always oversees the path of the supply chain to ensure high standards of product and this means:

• Full traceability / product traceability at every stage (including seed).
• The absence of GMO products.
• Products obtained by the application of cultivation techniques with low environmental impact (integrated defense according to the regional disciplinary reference).
• Products with pesticide residues below the thresholds defined by law: from - 50% of the maximum allowed residual to the total absence of residues.
• The variety selection of products based on its intended use.
• The collection of the product at the optimum time for its organoleptic characteristics.
• The compliance of the process at every critical stage by monitoring on-site.
• The health of the product.
• The organoleptic characteristics of the final product.
• Products coming directly from selected farms.
• Storage and conservation in fridge cells in controlled atmosphere.

• Transport by refrigerated trucks and hygienically controlled.