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image Gabriele Zuccari e la nipotina Anna

We grow vegetables, this is our work: an ancient work connected to the earth, a work that recalls the sense of human life. Because earth and men are always and indissolubly united.
It is for this atavic reason that Zuccari family , in the the main figure of father Gabriel, believes that the fruits of the earth must be shared as a gift of highest dignity and respect. It dates back to 1960 that Gabriel, the son of Antonio Zuccari, developed activities in the production and sale of vegetables, increasing the attention on the most disadvantaged categories and so begins to distribute, with its own strengths the products to ecclesiastical associations.
At Minerbe where the company is located, we have created a daily food delivery to communities in the province of Verona, Cottolengo of Padova, the seats of Focolarini in Cadine, Trento and Loppiano in Florence, the association of Betania and the poors, who, through word of mouth, collect what they need.
The experience of poverty in times of war drives us every day to continue this aid to those who really need it as this experience has profoundly marked our territory and involved our father in first person, making more sensitive to the value of solidarity based on sharing.
By the age of 65 years, our father retired from company and continues to focus its energies and experience to carry on a daily and practical support to communities. The delivered products are healthy, erroneously considered second choice for size, color and shape, the taste and are very good because mature at the right point.
Bring honor to our father his words: "This abundance of gifts could not and can not remain sterile. The fullness of gesture of solidarity is for me a source of great joy and satisfaction and is always a way to improve myself."