A gesture of love, every day

PrimoMattino is a business venture that has always been based on sharing.

This is in the spirit of the native family of the Company’s founding father, Gabriele Zuccari, which has always shown sensitivity towards the disadvantaged and economically less well-off.

Starting in the 1960s, when the Company was founded, Gabriele began to distribute products to religious associations, employing solely his own means.

In Minerbe, where the company is located, there is still a daily food delivery service to the communities in the province of Verona, to the Cottolengo hospital in Padua, to the Focolarini religious movement in Cadine, Trento and in Loppiano, Florence, to the Betania Association and to the poor who, via word of mouth, turn up to collect what they need.

The experience of poverty, which in wartime made a profound impression on the founder of PrimoMattino, has instilled a culture of solidarity based on the ability to share. Today, these values still drive the Company in its natural instinct to help those in need.

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