Agri-food research

Awareness and innovation for life

PrimoMattino is active in the field of agro-food research, guaranteeing the quality of each fruit and vegetable from the selection of the seed through to the choice of the land assigned to each specific crop.

Our research focuses on the natural life cycle of each product, on the improvement of its shelf-life (expiry date) and on the optimization of the processes and techniques of quality control, traceability and safety, and the packaging of food products.
Quality Control is, in fact, at the centre of the corporate strategy of PrimoMattino and goes beyond the mere observance of European regulations on the marketing of its product categories.

Coscienza e innovazione per la vita

The triple test: Flavour, Shape, Colour

Gusto, forma, colore

When we taste a food, all our senses come into play: sight grasps appearance and colour; the nose takes in the aroma; touch gives us access to consistency and texture, taste buds perceive flavour and the ear captures crunchiness. Food is a truly multi-sensory experience.

The pleasures of the palate become a vehicle of knowledge and PrimoMattino is perfectly aware of this fact. The company is therefore committed to creating products that fully satisfy all our senses.

Shape, colour and flavour: each fruit or vegetable responds very well to the three tests carried out by the most demanding consumers.

Health-giving benefits

Every vegetable is a treasure chest of vitamins and minerals and an ally in promoting good health.

Vegetables, like fruit, are a source of nutrition and natural fibre that are essential in a healthy diet. It is important to consume them daily to help treat and prevent numerous ailments and diseases.

PrimoMattino is scrupulous in ensuring the wholesomeness of each product it produces because, to ensure that its own vegetables are in prime condition and therefore nutritious and beneficial for human health, it is crucial to minimize the use of techniques commonly adopted in intensive agriculture. Thus, the unspoilt wholesomeness of our produce helps you eat your way to better health.

Il talismano della salute
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