Sustainable agronomy

Food science and rural wisdom

Healthy nutritional values, wholesome nutritional elements and vegetables that are bursting with flavour are all achievable objectives, provided that nature, with its rhythms and secrets, is respected. PrimoMattino has chosen never – in the name of productivity – to sacrifice the traditional wisdom and know-how of those who have cultivated the land for generations.

PrimoMattino bases its production on sustainable agronomy, cultivating crops with low environmental impact that minimize the use of techniques commonly adopted in intensive agriculture with regard to fertilization, tillage, and pest control and protection.

This, above all, means the careful selection of active ingredients and strict control over timings and methods of treatment, but it also requires demanding cultivation techniques that imply specific competence, skills and practices on the part of our selected farmers.

Land and crop rotation, for example, naturally protects crops, restricting the development of pathogens and allowing for minimal use of plant-health treatments, thus respecting the biodiversity of the soil. By meticulous application of ‘rural wisdom and know-how’, PrimoMattino manages to ensure that only high-quality fruit and vegetables reach the final consumer.

Agronomia sostenibile
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