Custom supply chain

Safety and quality from beginning to end

A product’s supply chain represents the set of processes and operators that are needed to create, transform, distribute and market a finished good. Each of the subjects involved acts in line with his or her specific skill within this chain, but in close relationship with the others.

The efficiency of a supply chain is therefore a crucial factor for its operators, for the economic system and for consumers.

PrimoMattino has, over many decades, developed and put into practice a safe method to ensure that the quality chain has no weak links. It oversees the entire chain, step by step, from the selection of the seeds and the land suitable for each type of crop and product speciality, through to the final stages of delivery to the distribution centres, ensuring that every step and process is perfectly designed to guarantee the best aesthetic and organoleptic properties in the products, their freshness and the appeal of their packaging.

The supply chain control process includes:

  • The total traceability of the products, from the seeds to the retailer’s fruit and vegetable sector.
  • The absence of GMOs (genetically modified organisms).
  • The application of cultivation techniques with low environmental impact.
  • The verification of agricultural plant-protection residues to ensure they are lower than the limits defined by law: from - 50% of the Maximum Residue Levels (MRL), up to the total absence of residues.
  • The varietal range of the product based on its intended use.
  • The harvesting of the product at the best time to preserve its organoleptic characteristics.
  • The conformity of the process in each critical phase by means of on-site monitoring.
  • The healthy condition of the product.
  • The organoleptic characteristics of the final product.
  • The origin of the products directly from the carefully selected farms.
  • Stocking and storage in cold stores at a controlled temperature.
  • Transport via refrigerated and hygiene-controlled trucks.


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