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Quality for PrimoMattino

PrimoMattino is directly responsible for the quality of the products it puts on the market. Indeed, Quality Control is at the very centre of the company’s strategy. Efforts are not limited solely to compliance with European regulations on the marketing of our product categories: PrimoMattino personally supervises each phase of the production and distribution chain (supply chain) to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and the total absence of pollutants of a physical, chemical and microbiological nature.

PrimoMattino Quality Control is carried out as follows:

  • Meticulous inspections are performed to verify the appearance, colour, aroma and flavour of the product.
  • Chemical analysis (indicators of acidity, humidity, antimicrobial substances, atmospheric composition, residues of plant-health products, analysis of cleansing water, etc.).
  • Microbiological analysis.
  • Delivery of the produce in loading bays/areas and weighing.
  • Storage in the loading and unloading areas of the delivered product.
  • Processing in controlled environments.
  • Packaging in custom-built rooms.
  • Refrigerated transport from warehouses to the final destination.


Controllo qualità
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